Melissa and Mike are dear friends of mine.  Mel asked me to take some headshot of her daughter, Miranda.  Only catch was there was a BIT of a deadline.  Like the had to be done within the next few days so they could be attached to an application.  O.o  I have never done headshots like this so I checked out the gear I had and decided the old Cowboy Studio strobe and 2 speed lights should do the trick.  After some misfires I got everything working.  Not bad for my first time in such a controlled environment  without much gear.  But it left me dreaming of better lighting.  

Nikon D750, Tokina 100mm Macro 2.8, Yongnuo YN568EX Speedlites, Random Cowboy Studio strobe with Yongnuo YN-622N Trigger and YN622N-TX flash controller.

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