A few short years back my cousin needed some pictures of her son, Tommy, done quickly.  "Nothing fancy we can do it behind my apartment" I believe she said.  At the time I only had a 50mm 1.8 and my new Nikon D610.  We used natural light and came out with some really nice images.  This time however was different as I have changed the way I shoot.  But, I decided to stay with the 50mm and the Nikon D610!  A lil more exploration of the Glen Foerd grounds is needed!  I spotted a few areas I have yet to use as backdrops.

2015 Photoshoot

Untitled photo

Tommy at Glenn Foerd Estate 2017

Nikon D610.  Nikkor 50mm 1.8.  Flashpoint XPLOR 600. 

As you can see now, I have integrated more flash into my portraits.  I feel it adds drama and gives me the look I am going for.  Once again thanks to my apprentice (and son), Anthony, for being a patient and studious light guy.  He is quick to understand what I am asking for and occasionally reminds me of small things I may be overlooking while trying to capture the image the way I want.  The new extension head and carry bag for the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 has made things easier for him.  I am very pleased with the system in general and looking  to upgrade my entire lighting system.

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