Andy from Broad Street Photo was an amazing photographer. My fiancée and I hired him for our wedding in March 2016. Immediately when we met him I liked his warm and friendly nature. He impressed us with how he interacted with our guests. His photos are amazing, he uses backlighting and shadows in such a great way! He made some images black and white which really made a difference in how our pictures looked.. He professionalism was what you notice first...but the quality of the pictures is what we loved most of all. He was on time to our party and did not rush us thru group shots or specially requested pictures because of the relaxed atmosphere that he provided. His personal style and professionalism with our special event made the evening a success. We loved the pictures so much that we hired him again for my twin's First Holy Communion. He had such beautiful pictures of them I was so glad that I hired a professional so I could enjoy the party too without worrying about "getting that perfect picture." I high recommend him for any special occasion.. and will use his services again!

Michelle and Mark

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